Sandy He

Managing Partner and Director of International Legal Affairs ,
Shanghai De He Han Tong Law Office


Sandy (Xiujuan) He is the Founding Partner of China Lawyer Group, and has a Master’s degree in law from Law School of Xiamen University. Currently, she serves as the Managing Partner and the Director of International Legal Affairs at Shanghai De He Han Tong Law Office.

Since she began working as a paralegal in Shanghai in 2005, Ms. He has been committed to legal services in foreign-related fields. She is particularly adept in aspects including cross-border investments, overseas listings, international trade, and cross-border dispute settlement.

For more than ten years, Ms. He and her team of lawyers have provided professional legal services related to foreign affairs to over 100 domestic and foreign enterprises and social organizations. She has served as a long-standing legal adviser for dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Ms. He has shifted her business focus to the two major sectors of overseas investment and listing of Chinese enterprises, and has capitalized on her team of lawyers’ professional attributes to help Chinese enterprises successfully “go global”.