Qingshui Wang

Partner of Gigoal Capital
President of Gigoal Research Institute


Mr. QingshuiWang is a CFA, the Partner of GigoalCapital, the Head of Blockchain Investment Fund and the President of Gigoal Research Institute. Transferred from physics to finance, Mr. Wang has 13-year experience on equity investment and strategic mergers and acquisitions, and is good at commercial ecology deconstruction and reorganization. He abandoned the equity investment and engaged in the blockchain investment in 2017 because the blockchain technology, based on the context of Web 3.0, is a transaction mode requiring no trust and an incentive and governance mechanism driven by token, which is a new production relationship matched with the era of big data and AI. Now, his fund investment only focuses on four sectors: the productivity, the production relation, the connection mode and the means of production = AI Blockchain Cloud Data.