Jihong Zhang

Professor of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
Dean ofChina Belt and Road Institute of Shanghai Collaborate Innovation


Jihong Zhang is holds a Doctorate in Law and is a professor and master tutor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics’ Law School. She is also a senior visiting scholar at the University of Berkeley, California, Director of the Belt and Road Initiative and Big Data Research Center, Executive Director of the China Banking Law Society, a Council Member of the Shanghai Law Society, and the Financial Law Research Society. Professor Zhang was selected for the 2015 Shanghai Pujiang Program and the 2015 “Two Thousand Talents Program” issued by the Ministry of Justice, and won the 2017 Female Model Award for Making Contributions to Shanghai’s Education System. Professor Zhang is mainly engaged in international financial law and information protection law. She has published over 60 papers and two monographs in key journals and newspapers, such as the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, Oriental Law, Legal Forum, Guang Ming Daily (Theory Edition), People’s Court Daily, Studies of International Finance, Securities Law Review, Financial Law Forum, Law and Economy, Journal of CUPL, Finance and Trade Research and International Business Research. She has also presided over various topics in the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Society, the Ministry of Justice, the China Law Society, and the Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.