Jessie Wei

SKK-JW Associates


Ms. Wei Jie currently serves as CEO of Shanghai Choice Media & Consultation Co., Ltd. She specializes in international consulting and media communication, and overseas market strategy and planning, focusing on overseas market expansion and the cooperation of enterprises in the medical field.

Choice Media provides an international consultancy and exchange platform which serves potential global markets, with its main business in China and India. The platform is designed to help Chinese enterprises grow businesses in India and other high-potential countries by assisting them in looking for overseas business opportunities, expanding channels and business connections, and providing services such as due diligence, market analysis, commercial and compliance consulting, media and public relations, and risk management and control of investment projects.

In particular, the company prides itself on its ability to help Chinese enterprises in the medical and infrastructure sectors to develop comprehensive strategies for overseas expansion. Choice Media also provides a one-stop service for overseas companies and outstanding projects to enter the Chinese market. It often holds international business exchanges to promote the alignment of resources, integrated innovation, and win-win cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies in various industries, and drives high-quality project cooperation among countries along the “One Belt One Road”.

SKK-JW Associates is a brand under Choice Media, jointly established by Ms. Wei Jie. Its WeChat Official Account is Indian Perspective.