Abdullah Han

Co-Founder of HLC Foundation,
Managing Director of HLC Technologies FZCO


Abdullah Han Guangyu is passionate about empowering businesses to become global brands with socially responsible impact. As the Co-Founder of HLC Foundation (www.hlc.com) and the Managing Director of HLC Technologies FZCO (www.qitmeer.io), he has more than ten years extensive experience of marketing strategy, e-business strategy, and technology management with small to listed companies across Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Abdullah Han is a frequent key note speaker on blockchain, Islamic Finance, belt and road initiatives. He has published and presented at prestigious industry conferences regarding Islamic Finance and blockchain in China, HK, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, UAE, Oman Qatar and others. As an emerging expert on Fin-tech, he has been interviewed in media outlets including CNBC Arabia, Al-Bayan(UAE), New Business Weekly(China), The Nation(Nigeria), Red Money(Malaysia), Arab Business(UAE), Gulf News(UAE), among many more.

At present, Abdullah Han is also the Co-Founder of Al-Sadiq Consulting Co.,Ltd., an ethical investment advisory firm based in China and Malaysia, focusing on creating enduring value for its shareholders, customers, employees and communities. As the first firm in China founded to advocate Islamic Economy and Finance in Greater China region and provide Shariah compliant consultancy services, Al-Sadiq Consulting is considered a milestone of Islamic Finance development in China.

Abdullah Han has a Bachelor degree from Minzu University of China. He was born in China and spent 4 years in Lagos, Nigeria after graduation of university, and travelled extensively in Muslim World and beyond.